We are passionate about the outdoors. We are expert communicators who are all committed to mountain and outdoor sports. outkomm creates solutions with the right blend of image, text and spoken word. We see ourselves as equal partners and advisers who champion integrity as well as providing effective and performance-oriented communication services.

In addition to professional integrity, we place great value on maintaining open and honest relationships, both within the outkomm team, and in our long-standing collaboration with clients and media representatives.

Operating across markets and borders
We operate in a way that transcends differences in geography, language and mentality. Thanks to our offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, outkomm is able to provide targeted, authentic services. In addition, we have long-standing links to partner agencies in France and Italy.

outkomm builds bridges between brands, journalists and media consumers. We are not just suppliers. Partnership is the best way to get good results. We work together with all parties to create strategies that deliver provide relevant stories and content.

We deploy a coordinated and targeted combination of PR measures and marketing activities to achieve maximum effect. Our team has in-depth experience in all areas of the marketing mix. We recommend using an overarching, integrated communication strategy. In other words, ad campaigns, merchandising campaigns, CRM campaigns, sponsoring activities, internet exposure and social media activities should to tie into the PR concept and ideally all be part of a coordinated release to ensure success.

Corporate Publishing
Our client managers all work closely with journalists in our Corporate Publishing department. As such, we know this business inside out.